Thursday, 2 February 2017

A New Style of Collage for Me

I started by doing a watercolour wash background and pasting on some brown paper bag. Then added some bits and pieces of papers I had lying around. For some reason unknown to me, I started tearing the black and white material into small pieces and laying them down without any real plan. This figure and face seem to be present and I brought it out by extending the eyes and moustache with a drawing pen.

What I liked about this, what really struck me was the sense of presence about the black and white "figure" against the more neutral background. I didn't much like the colour paper on the left or the dividing line of leftover watercolour scrap.

So, taking what i did like as a point of departure I made a second figure.

And then this, which reminded me of some sort of horrendous bust of one of the Caesars, so I titled it "Bust of a Powerful Man" (with more than a touch of irony).

Then followed three more, each with their own personality and mystery.

Somewhat fearful?

Enigmatic mother?

Stormtrooper? Helmetted warrior?

It's always exciting to discover a new path, but I'm not sure where to go from here. You see, these experiments are quite small (roughly 9 by 7 cms or 3 by 3½ inches).

 I wonder what to do with this sort of really small work. Would they die framed on a wall? Should I consider making an artist's book of them? Should I consider photographing them and making an ebook from them? Should I try scaling them up into a larger format for displaying on a wall?

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