Thursday, 23 March 2017

Notes about entering art competitions

What is your aim in entering?

·         Building profile or resume, enter juried and the big, prestigious shows.
·         Selling, exhibitions aimed at buyers with lots of marketing to the public.
·         Winning, regional and local shows with fewer entrants where the odds will be better even if the prizes are smaller.
·         Building local presence, regional and local shows

Will this competition fulfill your aim?

·         Run by reputable organisation, professional group?
·         Is it in a good location?  
·         What is the marketing for the event?
·         What publicity will be generated by the event?
·         What publicity opportunities are there for you? (e.g. can you have artist’s flyers, notes, and cards at event? How can you use your entry for own publicity via social media and traditional media?)

Is it feasible to enter?

·         Are you eligible to enter?
·         Cost and effort of getting work to and from the venue
·         Time to prepare
·         Does the range of prices in the competition fit your aims? (You might be prepared to trade price for exposure.)
·         Check the security and insurance arrangements, ensure that responsibility is clear and you agree
·         Check the copyright arrangements. Ensure that you understand them and agree

Does your work fit the competition?

·         Read prospectus
·         View previous entries and winners
·         Check who the jurors will be, what style and type of art they produce (if they are working artists) or favour (if they are critics) or teach.

What to submit to maximize chances

·         What gets noticed.
o   Conditions of viewing, assume
§  you have a few seconds to make an impression
§  work viewed physically will be viewed from a distance (large, impactful from a distance)
§  work viewed photographically or digitally needs strong design and contrast
·         Be yourself, don’t try to pander to the judges’ tastes or follow previous years
·         Something unique and innovative
·         Large and impactful
·         Your best work
·         Multiple entries. Consistent quality is crucial (both one weak work and one standout work will reduce your chances). As a series, rather than a random group.
·         Enter work in multiple categories, if this is possible. Gets more notice.


·        Follow the competition rules and prospectus exactly. Make a checklist.
·        Create timetable for preparation of entry and submission of artwork
·        Submit art only within the subject or theme of the event.
·        Provide the best quality images possible.
·        Enter the maximum amount entries allowed.
·        Submit high quality images

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